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This is the page where users can request Administrator and Rollback rights and vote on other users who are requesting rights. Please read the following regulations and instructions completely before voting or placing a request.

For additional information about Administrators, please see the Administrators' how-to guide and Administrators conduct.

In the event that an Administrator or Rollbacker is being unruly or breaking the rules, a request for their demotion may be placed below in the Requests for demotion header. The same voting rules apply for this as well. The vote totals required for their demotion remain the same as those for promotions as well.

Rules for requests Edit

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Each user's request will run for two weeks, during which members of the community will vote on the request. An applicant may and should inform other users of his or her application.

If the applicant meets the vote quota in that time, then he or she shall be given the promotion. If an applicant obtains the needed support votes without obtaining any oppose votes before the allotted two weeks have expired, he or she will be promoted without having to wait the remainder of the two weeks. (Note to bureaucrats: In this situation, allow at least one full day before promoting a candidate in order to give users ample time to cast their votes.)

If the applicant does not meet the required votes in two weeks, the request will be archived as "opposed". After a failed request, both for Rollback and Administrator rights, a user must wait 4 weeks (1 month) before requesting again.

Rollback Edit

In order to apply for Rollback rights, an applicant must have:

  1. A minimum of 400 mainspace edits
  2. A minimum of 2 months of active membership

An applicant must obtain a vote total of +4 or higher to be promoted (see Voting).

Administrator Edit

In order to apply for Administrator rights, an applicant must have:

  1. A minimum of 1000 mainspace edits
  2. A minimum of four months of active membership after obtaining Rollback rights.


  1. A minimum of 2000 mainspace edits
  2. A minimum of two months of active membership after obtaining Rollback rights.

In special occasions, a user may apply if he or she has less than the required time limit of active membership under the discretion of active admins (To be discussed).

When an Administrator has been inactive for a substantial amount of time, their Administrator rights will be removed, but their rollback rights are retained. To regain their Administrator rights, they are required to actively contribute to Wiki Minaj for at least 2 months, at which time they can reapply.

Regardless of the aforementioned requirements, a user must obtain a vote total of 6+ or higher to be promoted (see Voting). Administrators may grant or withhold adminship out of good faith if typical voting standards cannot be met.

How to request promotion Edit

After meeting or exceeding the said requirements, follow the following instructions to place your request.

1. Add the following to the bottom of the Requests header, replacing "USER" and "RANK" with your username and desired rank, respectively:

=== [[User:USER|USER]] (RANK) ===
:[[User:USER|USER]] <small>([[User talk:USER|talk]] · [[Special:Contributions/USER|contributions]] · [[Special:Editcount/USER|edit count]]</small>)

2. Under the header and user information, write a few sentences about why you are requesting a promotion and what qualifies you for the position. Users will then vote on whether or not you should be promoted to rollback or administrator status.

Voting Edit

Rules Edit

To vote, a user must:

  1. Be an active member of Wiki Minaj for at least a week at the time the voting begins.
  2. Have 50 or more edits at the time the voting begins.

Templates Edit

Code Produces
{{support}} Pictogram voting support Support
{{oppose}} Pictogram voting oppose Oppose
{{neutral}} Pictogram voting neutral Neutral
{{comment}} Pictogram voting comment Comment
  • Support votes count as +1 toward an applicant's total
  • Oppose votes count as -1 toward an applicant's total
  • Neutral votes do not affect an applicant's total
  • An applicant's vote total can be found by adding up the supports and opposes. For example, an applicant receives 5 support (+) votes and 2 oppose (-) votes. His or her vote total is +3.

Request for promotion Edit

UKMinaj (Rollback) Edit

The result of the discussion was: Pictogram voting oppose Oppose
The user does not accomplish the minimum requirements.

UKMinaj (talk · contributions · edit count)

I am writing today to request a promotion to Rollbacker of Wiki Minaj. I urge everyone to help and support me in my campaign, but fully understand and won't be offended if you oppose or are neutral.

The first reason I feel that I should be promoted is that I feel that I have been quite helpful and useful to this site since my joining almost three months ago. I feel that I make good edits when needed, but do not make unnecessary or pointless edits.

I also feel that I am helpful to this Wiki in other ways, such as in discussions and arguments, I am always happy to voice my opinion and weigh in on any topic, but I am also good at maintaining the peace and helping calm everyone in arguments. I would like to highlight an example of this when I advised someone to be careful of what they  said as it could be considered offensive on the 'Nicki Minaj Live In Dubai' page, I would not like to mention names.

I also feel that personally I help make a better sense of community, I cannot and will not say, that everyone being friends on here is thanks to me! I have only been here for three months, it couldn't possibly be, but what I am saying is that I feel that I help involve people such as in my 'musical' projects, in which I have been writing music and showing it to other members of our Wiki community, and taking on board their feedback, and then discussing with them ideas for collaborations and bands and so on, and have gotten many people both involved and inspired by this project, which contributes to the great sense of community we have here at Wiki Minaj!

I am also full of good ideas, (or at least what I feel are good ideas) for the Wiki, and how we can grow, expand and become more beloved as well as helpful to others out there roaming the internet. I believe that I always put forward my good ideas, and they are usually recognized as good and are taken on board, as was my idea for 'User Of The Month', and I feel that I can keep contributing to the Wiki in this manner.

But more to the point of what the job actually entitles, I feel that I am highly capable of spotting vandalism and bad edits, and can be useful as someone who is actually prepared to take time to look for and revert these bad-faith edits.

In conclusion I feel that I should be promoted to Nicki Minaj Wiki Rollbacker, as I have met the requirements of being a member for two months, and have edited 400 times, I also feel that I am a somewhat helpful and liked member of the community here, and lastly, I am extremely capable and excited to actually perform in this job!

Thank you

Your Scincerely 

UKMinaj (talk)UKMinaj

Pictogram voting support Support SUPPORT MADAFAKA!!! I'm happy you joined us, at the first time I knew you'll become a rollback! Thanks for postulation yourself, we need users like you helping this wiki!!! :D 03:46, January 5, 2013 (UTC)

Request for demotion Edit