Sucka Free cover
Nicki Minaj
Sucka Free
Genre Rap
Length 2:27
Label Be Records
Writer Onika Maraj
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"Who's Ya Best MC?" is track number 20.
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"Who's Ya Best MC?" is the twentieth track on Nicki Minaj's second mixtape Sucka Free.


You know they say Nicki spit crazy
Get it poppin like M-80s
Or twin tre 80s, Young Money first lady
You know? Baby girl of the group
I'm also known as baby girl in the coupe
Never get me confused as baby girl in the hoop
'Cause Nicki stay fly like that Cash Money do
I'm stuntin' on these hoes like Marilyn Monroe
I got a S-Curl flow, I spit slick, you know?
And I don't just spit raps and chit-chat
Nicki could get it in, Nicki could spit gats
Your girl got hustle? Nicki could pitch crack
But Nicki rather chill and stack a mill
While these hoes stay in hoods like rats for real
My voice stay on the track like a mac for real
Ridin' the baseline like Quille O'Neal
Gassed your baby father for the keys to the Escalade
Not a baby momma, but I'm drama like Kay Slate
What can I say? That's how your girl do
Your girl stay fresh down to the cuticles
My people smoke dutches, we don't flut with bamboo
I'm a winner mami, your career's a gamble
Old ass broad, off track like bad weaves
Nicki stay on her toes, en pointe like ballerines
Let me remind you, I'm gettin' a tan too
Your caramel dream, your girl from Queens
They say I'm too pretty to be spittin sixteen
I should be on the screen, posin' for Maybelline
Or be a Baby Phat girl gettin' on my jeans
Hoodstar broad, Black Barbie Doll
Pardon me if the cockiness botherin' ya'll
I'm just being Nicki Minaj, you know?
Girl from around way without the L Cool J
Ma, you spit Koolaid, I spit acid out
Doin' this since you was Reebok Classiced out
And this hoe wanna get at Nick, why?
'Cause I bagged her baby daddy, she ain't seen him since
Nick so gudda
Lil' white tee and some Air Max on
Some Dolce Gabban', pretty panties on
Like wait 'til the summer
Catch me up in the hummer
On ma way to 555 front run with the rucka
And every baller wanna, never give out my number
Only the email,, holla
Name a girl as real as her
Nope, not them
Who's ya best MC?
Nick, Fox, and Kim
Can't forget a rim
Nick up in the Porsche, box or the benz