The V Festival 2012 was an annual music festival held in England during the penultimate weekend in August (the 18th and 19th). The event was held at two parks simultaneously which share the same bill; artists performed at one location on Saturday and then swapped on Sunday. The event was supposed to be a part of Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday Tour. Unfortunately, Nicki had to cancel at the last minute.


A week before the event Nicki took to Twitter that her throat was bothering her. Her doctor told her to rest her voice, but she decided to perform on The Today Show and her NYC Secret Show two days later in New York. Her voice had already sounded rough. Nicki defied the Doctor's orders again to perform at the 2-Day V Festival in England. Before she landed in England, her representative said that she had to cancel the performance. Nicki had some X-Rays that found she had "strained vocal cords".

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