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Nicki gets two nominations for the YTMA 2013!
by VaVaVoom
Nicki Minaj was nominated twice for the first ever YouTube Music Awards (and without releasing an album; take notes). Her nominations are for the two most important categories of the awards "Video of the Year" (along Justin Bieber and "Artist of the Year." The show will be held on November 3, 2013, at New York City. Nominees were selected from YouTube's most watched, shared, liked and subscribed-to artists over the last 12 months from September 2012, and winners will be chosen by sharing the selected videos of the nominated artists. To vote for Nicki you just have to share the following videos on Google+, Facebook or Twitter (the videos aren't big stuff but share it now!). Let's give the Queen her deserved awards!
Nicki Minaj - YTMA Artist of the Year00:30

Nicki Minaj - YTMA Artist of the Year

Artist of the Year nomination video

Justin Bieber - YTMA Video of the Year00:41

Justin Bieber - YTMA Video of the Year

Video of the Year nomination video.

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