First, I'm tired of "Pink Friday" being everywhere!!!! Nicki should had called her second album "Roman Reloaded" so the Re-Up wouldn't have such a large name.

Second, quite soon in my opinion, though is a re-release. PtA still charting but probably that doesn't matter because her singles will just chart on the rap and hip hop charts, and probably will be just radio singles (with the exception of the lead single). By the way, I don't understand how this "re-release" shit works.

Third, I'M VERY EXCITED FOR THE NEW MUSIC!!!! The announce wasn't such a surprise because of the rumors. I hope Nicki won't screw this!!! I mean, I love PF:RR but really, she's a rapper and that is what she should do: RAP!! I hope that the songs are really a good bunch of masterpieces.

Fourth, IS I AM YOUR LEADER A SINGLE???????????????????????? I'm really confused...

Please comment what do you think!!! and please check my other blog: User_blog:VaVaVoom/

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