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The best news of Nicki Minaj in Wiki Minaj!
by VaVaVoom
What's up everybody! VVV here announcing our new system of news. We are tired of the boring Google News that always post stupid things about our precious Nicki. So now, I'll bring you the exclusive, fantastic, always updated, "Nicki News of Wiki Minaj".

Everyone can post a new about Nicki. If you want to post a new about Nicki, but keep in mind that:

  • Nicki at pure 2


    Whenever you got the opportunity and there is no one that has posted the same new, do it by yourself!
  • Our news have to be made in blogs, nothing else, remember that.
  • Take your chances to show your writing abilities without the necessity of copying the entire text from a website.
  • If you are in a hurry, then it is important to give credits to the website you retrieved the news in the "link" and "linktitle" parameters of the template.
  • You can add images to the "text" parameter but always check twice if everything is correct before posting it. You can also add a gallery or a slideshow.
  • You have to write your complete user name.
  • In the "image" parameter, add an image that suits you (you can use your profile picture).
  • Add the html in the "link" parameter, and the title of the article that you borrowed the text in "linktext" parameter. It's important to do it if you copied the entire text of the article.
  • In the "editedby" parameter you just have to add the ~~~~ symbols if you edited the article of another user.

We remind you that an admin has all the right to delete your article if it is nonsense, the title is incorrect, it is repeated, it is spam or anything off topic.

Thanks all of you, enjoy Wiki Minaj!

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