What's up barbz? I have been thinking of some suggestions for this wikia. These are the suggestions:

  • WE NEED ANOTHER ADMIN: Really, Mhavril, select whoever you thinks is the best for the job (maybe the one that have more time in this wikia, that will be Ian). The reason why is because with two admin this wikia will be more democratic than autocratic. Also, simply because two heads think better than one.
  • PROJECTS: I have the idea of making projects to help improve the wikia. I think five projects: "Constructor" (make wanted pages) and "Link Hunter" (delete the unnecessary links in pages, like "Twitter" or "Apple Inc."). Notice that these two collaborate with each other; the first making pages but not the ones with less than one link or that aren't relevant and the second deleting sh*t links but leave the ones that are relevant. "Referencer" (find reliable sources for articles), "Anti-Wikipedia" (change the text in the articles that are full of wikipedia content) and "The Enhancer" (simply at it says improve the content of all the wikia. This project can be divided in others like "Song enhancer", "Collaborators enhancer", etc.). Please, comment what you think about it.
  • NEW USERS & COMMUNITY: we should do something with the new users. Make them feel comfortable in this wikia so they will stay here. Also, we need to find a way to make the "Wiki contributors" (the m0Th@F*ÇkeR$ that just say that they "love Nicki" in the talk of articles like Roman Zolanski) sign in, so they'll help with the edition of the wikia, because there are a lot of them in here (95 votes in the poll say that). About the community, we should have the chat that other wikias have so we'll be more :$ ♥connected♥ :$
  • WIKI'S THEME: (read this plz) urgent somehow.

This is all. Please, leave a comment about what you think of all the crap I just wrote, I'll appreciate that :D

SORRY IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND SOME PARTS (i not am bery well with the inglish lol)

Also, give me your opinion about the main page, since I'm like the manager of it.



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