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New Music coming soon: "Tonight I'm Getting Over You (Remix)" - Carly Rae Jepsen ft. Nicki Minaj
by VaVaVoom
Weeks have passed since Braun decided to make all the Barbz impatient for the "exciting stuff" related to Carly Rae Jepsen and Nicki Minaj which he announced on March 25. He gave another hint on April 2 confirming new music from both artists and revealing that it will be a remix.

Braun finally revealed the song which was remixed: "Tonight I'm Getting Over You", a single by Jepsen from her latest album Kiss.

The Queen gave her approval on April 17 when a fan asked a lyric from the upcoming remix. "Rrrrr c*ck dat revolverrrr" says the Features' Slayer. Carly is confirmed to perform a new single at American Idol season final but let's remember who is a judge in the show so it wouldn't be a surprise if someone pops up at Carly's performance.

More info coming up so stay tuned! Tell us your expectations on the comments below.

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