What's up Barbz??? Here I bring to you two new templates that will make your life THE BEST. Well no so much like that haha.

Have you seen that amazing template that many big wikis have (including Wikipedia) that you just click on the button "show" and many hide information is showed?? Well, guess what? Yep, we, Wiki Minaj, have that template already available and functioning!!!!

The templates (there are two) are called Template:ShowHide and Template:Hide. The first one is my favorite with many extra details. The second is almost the same but it doesn't have as many features as the first one.

Thanks to that kind of templates we can hide information that isn't so indispensable in the article (like the lyrics, singles list, etc.)

Also thanks to this template I could create this amazing and very special template:

What do you think about it??? I also want to ask you were we should put it? In all songs, in all articles or just in some articles? Tell me please!

I was thinking about adding to all the articles about songs, albums and mixtapes. Let me know your opinion!

Have a great day! -- Come and get this VA VA VOOM VOOM! 23:08, July 17, 2012 (UTC)