Loriee Zolanski
OriginMoscow, Russia
Personalitybubblly, mean, rude (like her brother Roman)
RelativesRoman Zolanski, Martha Zolanski
Fashion StyleGirly, Sexy
First AppearanceStupid Hoe
Featured inStupid Hoe, Beez in the Trap, Masquerade, Va Va Voom
Hey, I was the person that made Loriee Zolanski. I just wanted to have fun! But since i learned that I can make it as a blog I will!

Loriee Zolanski is a fan-made alter ego of Nicki Minaj, that was rumored to be featured in "Stupid Hoe" when it first came up and later in "Beez in the Trap" and "Come on a Cone." Loriee is the one with the childish voice in the three songs stated before.

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