Okay! I've created a grrrreat game! There are the Zolanskis, Martha, Roman and Loriee. You can ALSO sign up to be a Zolanski! We've got so far...


If you want to sign up to actually be PART OF THE ZOLANSKI FAMILY, then please comment and say what you want your Zolanski name to be, and the family position please. (Am I right with the family positions?)

Task 1: December 2012 (Christmas Special)

All the Zolanskis (the real ones) need a special gift for Christmas! What do you want to give them? The rules are...

  • Only one gift per REAL family member. (Multipacks are allowed, e.g. 5 dolls in a box.)
  • Be creative!
  • I will be judging on creativity. 
  • Good luck! CLOSESD

Task 2: Roman's Graduation Outfit disaster!

Roman needs to go to University Graduation, and he ONLY HAS ONE DAY TO PREPARE! OH NO! What are you going to give him to wear!

  • MUST, repeat MUST be formal wear.
  • Should include graduation cap, cape, and gown.
  • Good luck! CLOSES FEBRUARY 1 2013

Task 3: Roman and Martha goes to Chinatown

With Chinese New Year coming up, they decided that they would go to Chinatown. However, they CANNOT perform because they were too late to register their performances AND it was full up too! However, Martha sightsees with Roman and they learn a lot of Chinese culture... With this task you can...

  • Say WHICH Chinatown (or Chinese city!) the party is taking place and whether it would be outdoors or indoors
  • How many people
  • What they do on the trip.
  • Good luck! CLOSES MARCH 1 2013

Task 4: Roman's Friends

Roman Zolanski has a fair amount of friends at his "school/college!" This is for very important upcoming Roman tasks... You got to describe...

  • How they look like (hair/eye colour maybe? Height?)
  • Sexuality (Homosexual/Bisexual/AsexualStraight)
  • Age
  • Where they are from
  • Personality.

Here is the list of Roman's friends!

Andrea Barry Chantal Dorian Erin Fernand Gabrielle Humberto Ingrid Jerry Karen Lorenzo Melissa Nestor Olga Pablo Rebekah Sebastien Tanya Van Wendy CLOSES MARCH 15 2013

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