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Weezy is gonna collaborate with Nicki Minaj for his album "I Am Not a Human Being II"
by Nickynanovdickvolski
I am not a human being 2
Lil Wayne is calling on some of his famous friends for his new album I Am Not a Human Being II. The Young Money chief took to to unveil the star-studded lineup.

In addition to the Kanye West-designed cover art, the sequel to his 2010 album features 15 tracks with appearances from Nicki Minaj, Big Sean, Soulja Boy, Drake, Juicy J, Future, Gunplay, and 2 Chainz, who appears twice.

“That’s what’s unusual about the album. I’m usually a two or three feature-type guy,” said Weezy. “But this album, I have a lot of features because I have a lot of friends, a lot of people that wanted to help out. And I have a lot of different production on it too.”

Young Money president Mack Maine added, “It’s lyrically insane. When he does the I Am Not a Human Being, he actually taps into a different part of his brain where he just talks out of his mind and out of this world. Just expect him being Wayne, but more edgy, saying what he wants, a lot of fun, a lot of high energy.”

I Am Not a Human Being II Tracklisting

  1. “IANAHB”
  2. “Curtains” feat. Boo
  3. “Days and Days” feat. 2 Chainz
  4. “Gunwalk” feat. Gudda Gudda
  5. “No Worries” feat. Detail
  6. “Back to You”
  7. “Trigger Finger” feat. Soulja Boy
  8. “Beat the Shit” feat. Gunplay
  9. “Rich as Fuck” feat. 2 Chainz
  10. “Trippy” feat. Juicy J
  11. “Bitches Love Me” feat. Drake and Future
  12. “Romance”
  13. “God Bless America”
  14. “My Homies Still” feat. Big Sean
  15. “Lay It Down” feat. Nicki Minaj
Find out what you can expect when the album drops on March 26.
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