I don't care about being on some Complex $#!+ ...I mean list!

Rappers "not" caring about being on an Internet list

Examples: Nicki Minaj, Joell Ortiz, Talib Kweli

You might be a rapper if... you could NOT care less that you weren't included in some website countdown slideshow. Cause that list doesn't matter at all to you. And you're totally not going to spend time going on a rant about it on Twitter. And there's no way you would use the pages that you just printed off the Internet as tissues to wipe up the tears you're not crying, because you forgot to buy Kleenex, right? RIGHT?


Rappers putting together their teams, with a white rapper, a female rapper, an old friend, a weed carrier, but no accountant

Examples: Young Money, Taylor Gang, Grand Hustle

You might be a rapper if... you put your ethnically and sexually diverse peoples on. Every rap clique has to resemble Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's family in looks and artistic talent, in that order. Someone to appeal to the streets? Check. Someone to appeal to the ladies? Check. Someone to write checks? Nah. In assembling a crew, it's more important to have the skills to pay the bills, than the actual ability to do so.

Rappers having 15 managers

Examples: Kanye West, Nicki Minaj

You might be a rapper if... the only way to get in contact with you is to talk to your guy, but not Lethal, Taco or Maurice (unless you're trying to get your social media/touring/taco situations figured out). No, the only way to get in touch with you is to email Sparky, who will call Buck — he's the only one who can talk to Oz, who lives in a coloring book and handles your day-to-day.

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