• Minajestylove

    The Barb Diary

    August 17, 2014 by Minajestylove


    Little King.

    Onika. Tanya . Maraj.

    Queen of hip-hop.

    = a name that's inspired millions of barbz around the world. A name that changed the lives of many. A name that changed mine.

    First, lemme tell you my story.

    I was born on the south-east side. I grew up on with nice family. I suffered bullying on my early years of elementary ; only to realize that after earning my fame I'll be one of them also. I felt guilty whenever they steal in my classmates' bags. I felt guilty when they force other people to remain quiet about their little ' crimes ' . I felt guilty when I became one of them. I was in a living hell. They forced me to do stuff I never want to do. They woke me up to the world. I was exposed to alcohol and tobacco at a very you…

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