Hey guys, I've only today realized that I can revamp the entire wiki's theme, and I did get a request to do so before. I am skilled in Photoshop so I can make any change we want. I'm willing to take everyone's opinion into account, but I cannot guarantee that everyone will be satisfied with any changes I may make. Check out below and let me know if you have any ideas on what you want changed:


  • A—That little heart never seemed like quite the right icon for our site; the heart really doesn't have anything to do with Nicki. Any ideas? I could make a very tiny Nicki face.
  • B—Do you want to call this site "Wiki Minaj"? "The Nicki Minaj Wiki"? "Nickipedia"? Something else?
  • C—Shall we stick with the current pink background? We have to use a solid color.
  • D&E—Do you have two photos of Nicki in mind that you'd prefer over the current ones? You might want two from the Roman Reloaded photoshoot, or maybe an old one and a new one.

Again, I cannot satisfy everyone nor can i redo everything in a snap, but I still want to hear your input. Thanks! M. H. Avril 12:15, May 6, 2012 (UTC)

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