I can't believe I've been editing here for two years. Even though I wasn't always on, my first edit on this wiki was on July 11, 2011...since I've made just about 7,000 edits and some good friends. I've done a lot of work here, but it would have been nothing without all the hard work everyone has put in here.

Even though I'm working two jobs this summer, I still want to make time for this wiki. My ultimate goal is to have the lyrics to every Nicki Minaj song on the website before the end of the summer—just another reason for more people to come to our wiki.

I've heard that a lot of people actually do come here for information, and that's really awesome to know—everyone puts in really hard work to keep our articles up to date, and other members of Team Minaj see that.

I'm not sure what else to say except that I'm really impressed at how far this site has come. We are becoming the authority on Nicki Minaj!

It's Barbie, biiiiiiiiiittch!!

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