Great work, guys! We have 500 articles! Even though our community is still small, I'm glad to see this wiki growing and getting off the ground. I was telling people about our site on and somebody said that they actually use our site for reference...I was so happy! We're getting stuff on here that other people miss and I'm confident we'll be the best Nicki Minaj site, either sooner or later. Thanks again guys :)

In other news (this one has got to go in Maxx's weekly press), a crazy fan tried to grab Nicki on stage in Miami—Scaff Beezy ended up kicking the shit out of him though.......and it's all on video!

Nikki minaj fan goes crazy pink tour miami 201203:21

Nikki minaj fan goes crazy pink tour miami 2012

And finally, I added pics from the Elle photo shoot to the background a couple weeks ago along with the Starships photo shoot and the Glamour photo shoot last night. If you have any other photo shoots you'd like, let me know and they'll be at the top of my list.

Keep up the good work!

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