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  • Mhavril39

    So we all remember when our hard work was recognized by Dazed magazine, but I am THRILLED to announce that Wiki Minaj has been mentioned in ROLLING STONE!!!


    I don't think this will appear in the print version, but we got a link and everything—I'm so very proud of everyone who works on the site, especially Maxx and Andy!

    I don't get time to edit as much as I used to, but we all have made a difference and earned this mention. Love you guys.

    So can I put this on my resumé??

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  • Mhavril39

    We all remember the classic Nicki Minaj record from 2010 saying she had the most records on the Hot 100 at once with seven songs at once (was this most for an artist or solo female or female rapper or what?). I believe she matched this again when Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded was released. She's now broken it with having eight at once this week with the release of The Pinkprint:

    "Flawless Remix"
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  • Mhavril39

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    November 28, 2013 by Mhavril39

    What a year! I've been so busy at school I haven't had a ton of time to edit, but I am learning a lot.

    I wanted to check in today to see what's up and wish a very happy Thanksgiving (at least to all the US barbz lol). I really hope everybody's having a great year :)

    Hopefully I will be able to edit a little more on Christmas break!

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  • Mhavril39

    ...some of Nicki's friends? Maybe not all of "Tee-Tee, Tweety, Voila, Sharika Candace, Thembi, Lauren, Iesha," but some of them appear to be a part of the entourage, and come up a lot. Thoughts?

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  • Mhavril39


    I can't believe I've been editing here for two years. Even though I wasn't always on, my first edit on this wiki was on July 11, 2011...since I've made just about 7,000 edits and some good friends. I've done a lot of work here, but it would have been nothing without all the hard work everyone has put in here.

    Even though I'm working two jobs this summer, I still want to make time for this wiki. My ultimate goal is to have the lyrics to every Nicki Minaj song on the website before the end of the summer—just another reason for more people to come to our wiki.

    I've heard that a lot of people actually do come here for information, and that's really awesome to know—everyone puts in really hard work to keep our articles up to date, and other mem…

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