Nicki Minaj , also known as Onkia Tanya Maraj was born in 1982 , in Trinidad and Tobago,(St James port of Spain). She grew up with her mum Carol Maraj her dad Omar Maraj and her two brothers Mikaya and Jelani. She described her childhood as crazy , saying her father drank, took drugs and tried burning their famiy home down with their mother inside.As a result when Nicki was three ,  she lived with her  older brother and  their grandma while their mother shuttled back and fourth between Trinidad to New York trying to find them a better home.Nicki thought it would be a few days but it turned into two years without seeing her mother ! At the ageof 5 , the family incuding Omar moved to the storied New York City. Nicki says that she thought the nightmare was ending , but it was actually just the beginning as th family settled in South Jamaica Queens.Nicki's dad started taking cocaine .She heard a lot of argueing and cursing a lot , when you are on crack u cant keep a job , that means no money , and no money meant he couldn't keep his family up so he stole and he stole from his family.She used to pretend to be a teacher or a nurse to escape from the rea world , her family thought she would become one or the other.Herfirst identity was cookie . then Harajuku Barbie then Nicki Minaj.

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