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The Alter egos

Hey guys! This is my first blog, but anyways, I'm gonna ask some things about alter egos, appearances,etc.

My Questions:

1. In The Boys, is Rosa really there? (hope so!)

Rosa at SB.TV Nicki

The Boys video - Nicki Minaj

2. How exactly does Nicki Teresa "heal" her fans?

Nicki Teresa2

3. Where did Nicki Lewinsky really go?? Plus what happened to the Boss?


(could be Nicki Lewinsky..)

Nicki the Boss

And finally...

4. Are Point Dexter , Tyrone , 'Cookie and Nika
Lap Dance Nika
still alive/in her?

Dexter The Creep3
Tyrone TTWE



Please answer in the comments section please!

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