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  • JayZolanski16

    Video Shoot bound

    April 12, 2013 by JayZolanski16

    She said in her twitter, "Video Shoot bound"..

    What vid could she possibly be shooting right now? I'd be more excited if it was I'm Legit!

    • But I'm not saying it is I'm Legit! :)
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  • JayZolanski16

    Real Hair

    February 23, 2013 by JayZolanski16

    Hey guys. It's been a while since I made a blog post :) .

    I think she (Nicki) had already dyed her hair to blonde.

    Look at the A.I video (sorry I couldn't find any pics)

    It showed that she had already dyed.

    • Sorry if I sound like I obsess w/ her hair.  I was too curious of what her hair color is now, because she always wears wigs.

    Here, I found a pic in the wikia!

    Hmm, many disagree... I guess   this blog was a waste.. :**((

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  • JayZolanski16
      • Sorry if I'm making posts relating to old stuff..

    (As seen in )

    1.Beez In The Trap


    3.Reggae Medley (unknown songs, Letting Go and Hold Yuh)


    5.Super Bass


    7.Super Bass (again)

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  • JayZolanski16

    What were the reggae songs she sang on the Wireless Fest besides Hold Yuh (Remix) and Letting Go (Dutty Love)??

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  • JayZolanski16

    As you noticed, the clean version of Va Va Voom went out in Nicki's YouTube VEVO Account right?

    But that was just normal, cuz it went out with its explicit version.

    BUT, I saw that clean versions of Starships, Pound the Alarm, Beez In The Trap and The Boys came out!!

    Is anyone curious on why the account just started to upload consecutive clean versions of her singles?

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