Primary Artist(s) Nicki Minaj
Featured Artist(s) Big Time Rush
Album/Mixtape Pink Friday ... Rise of Rosa
Released TBA
Length 2:01
Label JSonB

Single information
Single release TBA
Video release Dec. - Feb.
←Last single
"Rise of Rosa"
Next single→
"Strippers Unite"
Boom is a upcoming remix by me, Jason. It features american group, Big Time Rush. The song is re-organised placing the bridge of the song first. Then leading into BTR's verse. The song samples "Better With U" by BTR.


When I first heard "Better With U", I loved it! Then I though of Super Bass by Nicki. I decided to re-organize song and sample this wonderful song. I though of a name, first I was thinking Super Bass 2.0, but that's not really official, so I went with "Boom".

Sample credits


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