Primary Artist(s) Nicki Minaj
Featured Artist(s) Katy Perry
Album/Mixtape Pink Friday ... Rise of Rosa
Released Oct. 16, 2012
Length 4:00
Label JSonB

"Awake" is a mix by me, Jason, which features artist, Katy Perry. A music video is in the process.


A while back a posted a comment saying "Katy should make a song with Nicki". I got a reply by one-of-the-best admins here, V3, saying "You should mix a song of it!". And I did! I hope you all like it! It was a fun project after my "Till the World Ends" mix, if your wondering why I made that, I was just inspired of V3's mix.

Music Video

Video Information
Premiere Oct. 14, 2012
Filmed 2011 - 2012
Director David Guetta
Producer Heather Heller
Production co LET Films
Exec. producer Ciarra Pardo
Editor Jeff Selis
Length 4:22


Stills Synopsis
The video opens a Perry is in a world sized stone maze. Katy is surrounded by no life but of a single strawberry.
Nicki walks in the scene of the video for her verse. She is walking in a village of no life but life-sized dolls.
The village women are angered at Minaj for she is SO pretty and they are...ugly. The villagers are forming a mob, they will plan to attack Nicki's creator.
Katy and a little girl (another from of life) are running through the hall way away from paparazzi. The reporters injure Perry in a way.
Katy's little friend is seen pushing her to a hospital. Only to be confronted by "Doctors/Bulls". The little girl stands up for Katy then uses special powers to blow away the "DOCTORS".
A group of angry "Ken Dollz" confront Nicki. Minaj dosen't give a s@#t about the angry mob...She just borrows a random horse.
Hours have gone by and Katy and her little friend meet a Prince Charming. The Prince is a lying abomination. Katy punched the Prince in the face.
Katy's little friend leaves on her bike, only to be revealed that her name is "Katheryn".
It ends with Nicki riding away with her horse and an angry mob chasing her.

Sample credits

  • Chorus, Katy Perry
    • Wide Awake
  • Main Idea, Nicki Minaj


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