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    Now, if you have seen me around this wiki you probably notice i often critisize YMCMB, and many other artists for that matter. This blog is made just so i can explain WHY i dont like there music

    • It has turned pop. Listen to ANY nicki minaj songs beat and lyrics. Now lets take a look at some other artist like the ones that were hot during the "East vs Westcoast" Rivalry. You see
    • Over use of the word "Nigga" Now, i am not black so i will get people pissed for saying it. But! Nicki minaj isn't black either. And i do recall her saying the N word before.
    • Artist are stupid. Lets look, Lil wayne made it public that him and Pusha T are beefing. Wanna know who else made there beefs public? Tupac and Biggie. i wouldn't be surprised if wayne gets shot f…

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