Well guys, it is time for me to review another album!!!...

This review is for.......


Overall, this album is pure exellance, but can it reach my standards???

1 - AURA: Well, track one is the EDM track Aura. It has a mexican vibe to it at the beginning and then the rest is complete EDM. For those who don't know, Aura was the first official ARTPOP leak. It leaked on (I think) August 5th 2013. Also, the song was originally called Burqa... But I guess she changed it because the title was getting complained about (tbh, I don't blame them) lol. Aura was produced by Infected Mushroom and DJ Zedd. I'm gonna give this track 9.5/10

2 - VENUS: Venus is a very feminine track. Talking about love, godesses.... Knowing that your ass is famous ;) It is not my favourite track from the album, but it can pass. But I have to give Gaga props on this one because she produced it herself. I'll give this track a 7/10 :)


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