Nicki Minaj shared a "Moment" with Ellen DeGeneres, performing her Drake-assisted single "Moment 4 Life" off her debut Pink Friday on Monday January 10th show. Minaj, who classed it up in a black cocktail dress, blonde hair, and a blinged-out “Barbie” necklace, spit her verses alongside two look-alike dancers and a backing band.

After her performance, Nicki showed off her spiky stiletto heels—a gift from Lil Wayne—to Ellen, who claimed she felt "under-dressed" next to the stylish star. During her chat with the hostess, she spoke on how she didn't realize that she would ever come this far, her difficult upbringing, using rap as an escape, the love she has for her mom, and how Martha (the mother of her alter ego Roman) will be making her debut in the video for "Moment 4 Life."

Videos Edit

Nicki Minaj's Rise to Fame03:47

Nicki Minaj's Rise to Fame

Nicki Minaj Performs 'Moment 4 Life' On Ellen Degeneres03:16

Nicki Minaj Performs 'Moment 4 Life' On Ellen Degeneres

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