Not to be confused with Sucka Free '08 or Sucker Free.
Sucka Free
Sucka Free cover
Number 2nd
Preceding Playtime is Over
Succeeding Beam Me Up Scotty
Release date 17 May 2008

Sucka Free is the second mixtape by Nicki Minaj. It was released via Be Records in 2008 and contains tracks produced by Lil Wayne.

Background Edit

Nicki Minaj met Lil Wayne after Wayne’s discovery of Nicki on a Queens-made DVD series.[1] She told Lil Wayne about her next mixtape and how her last one took away the colour in her songs.[2]Her tune was scattered all over the world. They were asked to find each unreleased song, and bring them back to safety in the recording studio. They also must avoid the other rappers. When all the tune was returned, the recording started.[3]

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "President Carter Speaks (Skit)"   1:09
2. "Sunshine" (featuring Lil Wayne) 3:18
3. "Set It Off"   2:15
4. "Brraaattt" (featuring Ransom) 2:43
5. "Higher Than a Kite" (featuring Lil Wayne) 2:36
6. "Grindin"   2:20
7. "Curious George"   2:02
8. "Sucka Free '08 (Skit)" (featuring Lil Wayne) 0:07
9. "Baddest Bitch"   2:19
10. "Wanna Minaj?" (featuring Lil' Kim & Gucci Mane) 3:39
11. "Doin It Well" (featuring Jadakiss) 2:23
12. "Cuchi Shop"   3:11
13. "Hundred Million Dollaz" (featuring Lil Wayne) 0:19
14. "Young Money Ballaz" (featuring Lil Wayne) 2:38
15. "Sweetest Girl"   3:04
16. "Firm Biz '08" (featuring Jadakiss) 1:37
17. "Dead Wrong"   2:46
18. "Long Time Comin'" (featuring Ransom) 3:16
19. "Womp Womp"   2:34
20. "Who's Ya Best MC?"   2:27
21. "Autobiography"   4:33
22. "President Carter Signs Off (Skit)"   0:16
23. "Lollipop (Remix)" (featuring Lil Wayne) 5:42
24. "Biggest Freak" (featuring Rick Ross & T-Pain) 3:45