No cover
Features Nicki Minaj
Recorded 2014
Format Digital download
Writer Fergie Duhamel, Onika Maraj
Producer Dr. Luke (rumored)

A song by Fergie featuring Nicki Minaj is expected to be released. It will be included on Fergie's yet-to-be-titled second studio album sometime in 2015. It is rumored to be produced by Dr. Luke.


In an interview with Hot 97, a discussion about female rappers were bought up. When asked about Iggy Azalea and Nicki's "beef", she said she didn't have any comment, but that she did do a song with one of them for her album. Iggy's name was bought up first, and Fergie said no. Then they said Nicki, and she replied, "Yup! That's the one". When tweeted the link to the interview, Dr. Luke retweeted it hinting that he produced the song.

The song was rumoured to be released in 2015 with the rest of the album, however still hasn't been released.