Nicki Minaj's secret Roseland Ballroom performance was a concert by Nicki Minaj at an undisclosed location, later revealed to be the Roseland Ballroom, in New York City on August 14. Nicki announced the concert with her Twitter account on August 3, 2012.[1] The event was sponsored by Pepsi and broadcast by Fuse TV. In order to attend, fans were required to fill out a form on Minaj's official site to receive an e-mail with the secret show location, then had to line up at the venue no earlier than 12 noon. The first 1,500 fans in line at that location received wrist bands that guaranteed them access to the event. The event was held to make up for the Summer Jam incident.[2]

Special guests included Cam'ron, Foxy Brown, Drake and Lil Wayne, and the concert went 40 minutes over the allotted time in order to accommodate the massive setlist.

Entry Information

<p data-rte-fromparser="true"><span data-rte-entity="lt">&lt;</span>h3&gt;Ways to Win Tickets<span data-rte-entity="lt">&lt;</span>/h3&gt; <!-- RTE::{"spaces":0,"type":"LINE_BREAK"} --><span data-rte-entity="lt">&lt;</span>p data-rte-fromparser="true"&gt;Listen and win at the following radio stations: <!-- RTE::{"spaces":0,"type":"LINE_BREAK"} --><span data-rte-entity="lt">&lt;</span>/p&gt; <!-- RTE::{"spaces":0,"type":"LINE_BREAK"} --><span data-rte-entity="lt">&lt;</span>ol&gt;<span data-rte-entity="lt">&lt;</span>li&gt;Hot 97 <!-- RTE::{"spaces":0,"type":"LINE_BREAK"} --><span data-rte-entity="lt">&lt;</span>/li&gt;<span data-rte-entity="lt">&lt;</span>li&gt;Power 105 <!-- RTE::{"spaces":0,"type":"LINE_BREAK"} --><span data-rte-entity="lt">&lt;</span>/li&gt;<span data-rte-entity="lt">&lt;</span>li&gt;Z 100 <!-- RTE::{"spaces":0,"type":"LINE_BREAK"} --><span data-rte-entity="lt">&lt;</span>/li&gt;<span data-rte-entity="lt">&lt;</span>li&gt;92.3 Now <!-- RTE::{"spaces":0,"type":"LINE_BREAK"} --><span data-rte-entity="lt">&lt;</span>/li&gt;<span data-rte-entity="lt">&lt;</span>li&gt;WBLI <!-- RTE::{"spaces":0,"type":"LINE_BREAK"} --><span data-rte-entity="lt">&lt;</span>/li&gt;<span data-rte-entity="lt">&lt;</span>/ol&gt; <!-- RTE::{"spaces":0,"type":"LINE_BREAK"} --><span data-rte-entity="lt">&lt;</span>ul&gt;<span data-rte-entity="lt">&lt;</span>li&gt;Follow @Pepsi on Twitter <!-- RTE::{"spaces":0,"type":"LINE_BREAK"} --><span data-rte-entity="lt">&lt;</span>/li&gt;<span data-rte-entity="lt">&lt;</span>li&gt;Follow @NickiMinaj on Twitter <!-- RTE::{"spaces":0,"type":"LINE_BREAK"} --><span data-rte-entity="lt">&lt;</span>/li&gt;<span data-rte-entity="lt">&lt;</span>/ul&gt; </p>

Additional information

  1. One ticket per person
  2. Tickets/wristbands are non-transferable
  3. Rules are subject to change
  4. If you don't get a ticket or can't attend in person, you can watch it live on,, or


  1. "Roman's Revenge"
  2. "Did It On'em"
  3. "I Am Your Leader" (with Cam'ron)
  4. "Touch It or Not" (Cam'ron)
  5. "Beez in the Trap"
  6. "Stupid Hoe"
  7. "I Luv Dem Strippers" (a capella)
  8. "Dance (A$$) (Remix)"
  9. "Right By My Side"
  10. "Moment 4 Life"
  11. "Automatic"/"Check It Out" (interlude)
  12. "Starships"
  13. "Pound the Alarm"
  14. "Whip It"
  15. "Turn Me On"
  16. "Where Them Girls At"/"Till the World Ends (The Femme Fatale Remix)" (interlude)
  17. "Fire Burns"
  18. "Save Me"
  19. "Marilyn Monroe""/Fly" (interlude)
  20. "Itty Bitty Piggy"
  21. "Go Hard"
  22. "Sweet Dreams (Remix)"
  23. "Can't Stop Won't Stop"
  24. "I Get Crazy"
  25. "Roman in Moscow"
  26. "Born Stunna (Remix)" (a capella)
  27. "Roger That"
  28. "Come on a Cone"
  29. "Dutty Love"
  30. "Hold Yuh (Remix)"
  31. "My Chick Bad"
  32. "Bottoms Up"
  33. "5 Star Bitch (Remix)" (a capella)
  34. "Wanna Minaj?"/"Slumber Party" (interlude)
  35. "Out of My Mind" (a capella)
  36. "BK Anthem" (Foxy Brown)
  37. "Oh Yeah" (Foxy Brown)
  38. "Tables will Turn" (Foxy Brown)
  39. "Up All Night" (with Drake)
  40. "Make Me Proud" (with Drake)
  41. "Take It to the Head" (with Lil Wayne)
  42. "The Motto" (Drake & Lil Wayne)
  43. "Freestyle" (Lil Wayne)
  44. "BedRock" (interlude)
  45. "Roman Reloaded"
  46. "Super Bass"