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Beam Me Up Scotty cover
Length 1:39
Label Trapaholics Records
Producer DJ Holiday & The Trapaholics
Beam Me Up Scotty track listing
"Outro" is track number 22.
Previous track
"I Feel Free"
Next track
"Beam Me Up Scotty"

"Outro" is the twenty second track on Nicki Minaj's mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty.


Shout out to S B  the hype man
And Joe the Boss and Bimi, and umm
My darling big sister Monie Love
Umm shouts out to my entertainment laywers and my accountants
Umm shout out to Southside, Jamaica, Queens
New York City, everybody that shows me lots of love
in Philly and Connecticut and Rhode Island and y'know
Ohio and, yeah everywhere I go there's just so much love
So I love you girls SO much
And, y'know shout out to all my Africans y'know
Because they bootleg my mixtape out in Nigeria
Hit up Amadou, he can make the Cartier-a
And shout out YouTube dot com forward slash Nicki Minaj TB
MySpace dot com foward slash Nicki Minaj
A shout out to WorldStarHipHop, um
for keeping me so relevant, in a world of irrelevant bitches
Just y'know be a bad bitch, never be a stupid bitch
Step your pussy up and all that
Am I forgetting somebody? I'm not forgetting anybody am I?
Oh you know what you're right
Somebody brought the name up
I don't know if they'll even understand
Do they even know this guy, out here in the United States?
Umm, a little dude named, Dwyane Carter
Dwayne Michael Carter, umm, y'know
He runs a label called Young Money Entertainment
And umm, y'know, he's my sensei and I'm the ninja
And umm, I love him very very fuckin much
And umm, y'know, just have to shout him out
Say thank you for EVERYTHING you've done
Y'know cause we're totally 'bout to take the globe by storm
So, umm, I can't wait. Bye! ("HOLIDAY SEASON!!")

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