Nicole icon
PersonalityHappy, cherish
Fashion StyleSimple
First AppearanceElle photo shoot interview

Nicole is an alter ego of Nicki Minaj who appeared for the first time in an interview between her and Nicki. She is portrayed as a very sweet and girly interviewer with a valley girl accent.

Ever since Nicole's first appearance, Nicki has been sporting the infamous Nicole wigs in videos such as "I'm Out," "Love More," My Nigga Remix and "High School." Some Barbz/Kenz/Boyz believe Nicole is an alter ego Minaj has been portraying this year. It is likely that Minaj stopped using her as she no longer wears wigs since 2015.

Pictures of Nicole or Nicole HairEdit


541f75304a71631f666f7c91b6160acf.jpg (my nigga Remix)

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