The Community of Wiki Minaj believe that an affiliation is something important and must be taken seriously. We believe that not any website or wikia should and can be an affiliate of us, but the ones that can and are, is because share a topic with Nicki Minaj and accomplish most of our standards and policies.

Requirements to be an affiliate

There are certain requirements to be an affiliate of us:

  1. Have at least 100 articles.
  2. The 100 articles must not be stub articles.
  3. A maximum of 50 articles with the {{Wikipedia}} template.
  4. Having an attractive main page.
  5. Have at least one administrator editing the wiki.
  6. Share some bond with Nicki Minaj (collaborations, friendship, influences, interests, etc.)
  7. Have similar standards and policies as us.

List of the affiliates


The following is the list of wikias affiliated to Wiki Minaj:


The following is the list of websites affiliated to Wiki Minaj:

Request affiliation

If you accomplish the requirements and want to be an affiliate of Wiki Minaj, request an affiliation sending a message to the admin in charge of the affiliations.

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