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  • Her favorite fast food restaurant is Popeye's. [1]
  • She has made history for the first female rap artist ever to perform at Yankee Stadium. [1]
  • When she was 17, she worked at Red Lobster. [2][1]
  • Her favorite candies are Kit-Kat and Trix.[1]
  • When she was discovered, her first idea for her name was going to be her alter ego's name "Cookie."[2]
  • Her favorite TV show is Judge Judy.[2]
  • She hates it when people lie.[2]
  • She hates to admit it, but she describes herself as a cry baby.[3]
  • She also made history by being the first artist of ANY genre to have 7 different songs on the Billboard Hot 100 at the same time. The second one was Katy Perry.[2]
  • The tattoo on her arm is in Chinese and means "God is with me always."
  • She has two brothers, Miciah and Jelani, who she mentions in "I'm the Best."
  • Her favorite places to shop are costume shops. [1]
  • She believes a gay rapper will be embraced in hip-hop.[2]
  • She kissed Madonna on her 29th brithday.[2]
  • Her single, Starships, holds the #1 spot as Most Consecutive Weeks in the Billboard Top 10 songs that debuted there with 21 weeks ahead of The Black Eyed Peas, I Gotta Feeling with 20 weeks.
  • Her single, Pound the Alarm, is one of the fastest rising single in UK chart history, released by an artist of any genre risen 118 spots in 14 days. The song has made Nicki Minaj the highest chart female rapper along with Starships with two Top 10 songs from the same album.
  • Nicki Minaj is one of many artist to help raise $250 million to people with AIDS with her Viva Glam lipstick.
  • She played the clarinet in middle school.[4]
  • When she was a teenager, Nicki originally didn't get accepted in a performing arts high school, because on the day of her audition, she lost her voice.[4]
  • Nicki is scared of heights.[5]
  • She said she eats a lot of mangoes.[5]
  • Scary Spice and Hermione from Harry Potter were two of the people on whom model Nicki's English accent.[5]
  • She used to listen to her (Scary Spice) all the time and try to make the same faces she'd make when she was talking.[5]
  • As shown in Nicki Minaj: My Truth, she loves bacon.
  • In December 2012, with "Beauty and a Beat making it into the top ten, Nicki Minaj tied with Missy Elliott for most Top Ten entries on Billboard Hot 100.
  • She believes that Zoë Saldana is the best actress ever.[6]
  • Her favorite TV show is Martin, and she's currently watching "nothing but" Dataline and "things like" Forensic Files.[7]
  • Her first "Hollywood crush" was Morris Chestnut and Omar Epps.[7]
  • One of her songs she likes the best is "Freedom."[7]
  • Her body measurements are 34C-26-45 [1]


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