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French Montana
Mac & Cheese 2
Features Nicki Minaj
Released 2009
Length 3:30

"New York Minute (Remix)" is a song by French Montana featuring Nicki Minaj and Jadakiss.


Look back, fightin’ for the spot but I took that
Now all the kids want a Nicki Minaj book bag
Bitch I been hard since my car had a zig-zag
Low pink Volvos, these bitches is bozos
Oh-nos, eatin’ them ding-dongs and ho-hos
I was just trying to bubble, get past slow-mo
I ain’t even ask for them XXL promos
I remember how it felt when them Twin Towers fell
I was in the Trump Towers lookin’ for some shower gel
(In a New York minute)
Rappers are just beef, Stack Bundles’ll be deceased
(In a New York minute) Brought my man down
Before they even get a cap and a damn gown
(In a New York minute)
And there gotta be a heaven
’Cause Sean Bell will never get to make it to his weddin’
(In a New York minute)
But a star will arise
And she’ll originate from the streets of Southside

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