Ciara - Ciara
Features Nicki Minaj
Released July 9, 2013
Recorded 2013
Format Digital download
Genre R&B, hip hop
Length 3:45
Label Epic Records
Producer Emile II

"Livin' It Up" is a song by Ciara from her fifth album Ciara, which features guest vocals by Nicki Minaj. The song leaked on June 18, 2013, and was officially released as a digital download on July 9 with the rest of the album.

Background Edit

"Livin' It Up" demo leaked on August 20, 2012,[1] when Ciara's album was still going to be called One Woman Army. Minaj told MTV News that she and Ciara were planning another collaboration for Ciara's album besides "I'm Out".[2] The song was confirmed to be on her renamed album Ciara when she released the track listing for the album on April 15, 2013,[3] but the song was not known to have Minaj as the featured artist. On May 25, it was revealed that Minaj will be on the track. The song leaked, along with the album, on June 19, 2013.[4]

Composition Edit

"Livin' It Up" samples a bit of music group Kid 'N Play's "Rollin' With Kid 'N Play", and infusing island flavors.[5]

Video SnippetEdit

On July 9, 2013, Ciara released a video snippet of the song. She confirmed that it is not an official version of the video, but is something for the fans so they can visually envision the song. It does not feature Nicki herself, but a part of her verse was played.

Lyrics Edit

Explicit version Edit

References Edit

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