Beam Me Up Scotty cover
Nicki Minaj
Length 3:11
Producer Sarom

"Letter to Lil Wayne" is an unreleased song by Nicki Minaj. It was released on September 22, 2012 as a part of a mixtape called Pink Friday: The Lost Tape. The recording is an original rap over the beat of "Something You Forgot" by Lil Wayne.


The song appears to have been recorded sometime between 2007 and 2009, after being discovered by Lil Wayne in 2007 but before being signed to Young Money Entertainment in December of 2009. The song's subject matter deals with Minaj's doubts about her future in the music industry after Lil Wayne had claimed to have signed her, when in fact he had not.

During this period in her life, Minaj has admitted that she felt suicidal because of her apparent failure in the music industry. She told Cosmo:

I kept having doors slammed in my face. I felt like nothing was working. I had moved out on my own, and here I was thinking I'd have to go home. It was just one dead end after another. At one point, I was, like, 'What would happen if I just didn't wake up?' That's how I felt. Like maybe I should just take my life?[1]

This extreme instability in Minaj's life as an amateur rapper is the apparent inspiration for the song. The song was never released, probably due to its highly serious and personal nature.


Although the song was never released, Minaj still recalled recording it years later. On April 3, 2013, American Idol contestant Amber Holcomb covered Heart's "What About Love," the sample used in the song. Then-judge Minaj recalled doing "a freestyle to that song on a mixtape, years and years ago." She noted that she dedicated the song to Lil Wayne, who dedicated his version to Trina. Minaj called Holcomb's performance of the song her "favorite of the night," saying that it "pulled [her] in emotionally."[2]

Regarding the turbulent lifestyle and suicidal thoughts that served as inspiration for the song, Minaj has since remarked, "People face difficulties, no matter who you are. I faced difficulties with a lot of things. I face opposition every day, but I didn't kill myself and now, thank God, I'm here. So I want my life to be a testimony to my fans and my gay fans.[3] Despite her past troubles, Minaj made clear that "[s]uicide is never the answer."



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