Playtime is Over cover
Nicki Minaj
Playtime Is Over
Length 1:01
Label Dirty Money Records
Producer Scram Jones
Song track listing
"Freestyle" is track number 17.
Previous track
"I'm Cumin"
Next track
"Hood Story"

"Freestyle" is the seventeenth track on Nicki Minaj's first mixtape, Playtime is Over. The recording is an original rap over the beat of "Yeah Yeah Yeah" by Terror Squad.


I don't want to sound mad, though.

I don't want to sound mad.

I feel marvelous! Dirty Money.

Tell that bitch with the crown to run it like Chris Brown.

She run three rounds I'mma need a hundred thou.

Like Chinatown bitches better bow down,

oh you ain't know? Bet you bitches know now.

Fuck I gotta done to let them know that I'm the one.

Way I ride the drum they salute me in the slum.

In the sick hon the color of bubblegum.

I'm with my nigga Spits and my nigga Bun'Crum.

Yes I'm the one, I'm the motherfuckin' one.

Hold more weight then the late Big Pun.

Bitches talk slick but they ain't saying none.

Mad cause I'm bad two Sticks in My Bun

Yes sir look what I've done!

They r-run run when I come.

bun stickity bun let me tell you where I'm from, Queens lil' Mama go buy us some nice pumps.

Music Video Edit

Link to the full video. It is 4:28 long, even if the song is just one minute long. It contains 3 minutes of Nicki talking to the camera, thanking her fans and the people who supported her. It also contains another unofficial freestyle Nicki started spontaneously in the street.

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