Female Weezy
NameFemale Weezy
OriginQueens, Brooklyn
PersonalityCareless, tough
RelativesLil Wayne
Fashion StyleThug, Baggy
First AppearanceY.U. Mad
Featured inY.U. Mad, Stupid Hoe & I'm Out

Female Weezy is an alter ego of Nicki Minaj.[1]. She is the female version of Lil Wayne, has blonde hair (just like other of her alter egos), and her personality is careless like Wayne but she is also less funny and more tough. [2]

In the beginning of "Y.U. Mad" she says "I am the Female Weezy" and at the end of "Stupid Hoe". The line was directly taken from "Y.U. Mad". She also makes an appearance in Ciara's song "I'm Out". She says, "I'm Nicki M, Wheezy F" as in Female Wheezy.


Pictures of Female WeezyEdit


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