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Famous On the Internet
Features Pusha T
Nicki Minaj
Released 2009
Length 2:49

"Dopeman" is a song by Jabari featuring Pusha T and Nicki Minaj produced by Cookin' Soul. It samples Dope Man (Remix) by N.W.A. The official remix is on Cookin' Soul's mixtape with DJ Drama, and also features Kool G Rap, Tek, and Doo Wop along with the original artists. Lil Wayne has also freestyled to the beat.

Minaj's lyricsEdit

Once upon a time there lived a little bad bitch
I just press the buttons on my little gadget
Born in December so I am a Sagit—
Tarius, maybe just a little bi-curious
Yo, minie-mo-to-eenie-meenie
Your wish is my command
I mean I really, really mean it
'Cause I am the lady that was on I Dream of Jeannie
They call it spaghetti but I call it linguini
Cold, this is if you wanna get the sniffles
I got that wet-wet, it could get wetter than a drizzle
Plus I got plenty, no seeds in my twenty
And I just got them peanut butter crack sandwhiches
You need a dopeman? Oh you need a snowman
I got that Lohan weight like Roseanne
But fuckin with my money is a no-no, man
I got them barbarians, they call me Conan

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