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Features Nicki Minaj
Released 2007

"Do You Like It (Freak Shit)" is a song by Ransom featuring Nicki Minaj.

Minaj's lyricsEdit

I'm into pink lipstick, pink 6, thick honey
I'm into big ritz, big chips, big money
And you ain't getting shit unless you got a tip for me
So tip, tip, tip, them tips at dummy
One thing about Nicki: I don't wait on niggas
I get some good licks-licky then I skate on niggas
I put the rape on niggas
Handcuff 'em when I'm done, I masturbate on niggas
Ayo Ran, you know I like it dumb hard?
See this pussy make you call your girl "some broad"
Sorta like K-Fed when he dumped Shar
And if it's harder then a bar you get a cum card
I am the madame, I already had him
Give it away for free man? I couldn't fathom
Ya dig? I gets more head than wigs
Mr. Big, you know you gots to keep me jig

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