No cover
Eric Benét
Features Nicki Minaj
Released 2009
Length 4:05
Writer Keith Crouch
Eric Benét
John T. Smith
Onika Maraj

"Chocolate Legs (Remix)" is a song by Eric Benét featuring Nicki Minaj.

Minaj's lyricsEdit

Okay, I was out in Queens on Merrick
That's when I met this R&B singer named Eric.
I told him I'm Nicki, I'm the ninja, I'm the Barbie
You might have seen me on MTV in the Ferrari
Anyways I know l-l-l-l-life gets wicked
But baby we can fl-fl-fl-fl-fly no ticket
So when you get stressed remember you can come see me
I'll be on the beach, in the bottle, no bikini, genie