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Candace Marie Wakefield (born September 14), also known as  SupastarC , is a singer/songwriter/vocalist. She is a backup singer from the Pink Friday Tour Pink Friday: Reloaded Tour And the pink print tour. She is credited on The Re-Up for background vocals on Minaj's "Freedom".

Collaborations with Minaj Edit

Wakefield has collaborated with Nicki Minaj in:

Background vocals Edit

  • "Freedom"
  • Roman Reloaded Tour
  • BG Vocals on AMA Music Awards
  • BG vocals on Billboard Music Awards
  • BG Vocals for NICKI MINAJ on Jimmy Kimmel Live
  • BG Vocals for NICKI MINAJ on Ellen DeGeneres Show

Featured BG vocalist on Kendrick Lamar's I (I love myself) "To pimp a butterfly" Featured BG Vocalist on JLO "Love make the world go round" BG vocalist Keyshia Cole Remember pt 2

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