Born Jamaica, Queens
Genres Hip hop, rap

Brinx, who also goes by the name of Brinx Billions, is a rapper from Jamaica, Queens. Brinx, a name he proudly came up with alluding to the powerful armored transportation service protecting large amounts of currency. He is currently signed to Nicki Minaj's label, and is her second official artist.

In 2006, Brinx begins in the music industry: "I couldn't make good music if I was contributing to putting my people down." He has a song called "Gangsta for Life" which featured the reggae artist Movado. Brinx has another produced street-anthem with his single "Knock Your Socks Off". Brinx won the Violator Management "Who Got Skillz" contest, he was awarded representation, interview with Sirius Satellite Radio’s Shady 45 with DJ Whoo Kid, a single deal and online distribution deal with Ingrams, as well as a music video and press coverage.

Brinx has already released the mixtapes Pyrex Pimpin and Pyrex Pimpin 2, although it has not been confirmed that either of these were actually official. He will soon release his debut mixtape under the label called #iAintNoFnRapper.

Name ConfusionEdit

When The Re-Up was released, his named appeared as Thomas Brinx on iTunes. Both Nicki and Brinx has cleared up this confusion, stating that iTunes had made a mistake, and that they never said his name was Thomas Brinx.

Collaborations with Minaj Edit

Brinx has collaborated with Nicki Minaj in: