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Big Bidness

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Pain & Glory 2
Features Nicki Minaj
Released 2008
Length 3:08

"Big Bidness" is a song by Ransom featuring Nicki Minaj.

Minaj's lyricsEdit

I just came out of the two-door turbo coupe
Shih tzu under my arm, I keep my pooch all cute
And my rim-rim-rims just a-spinnin’ and spinnin’
In the limited edition with Dominican women
And I’m colder than a cough, bitch pat your back
Got that kushy in the car with the hat to match
I be all around town yelling, “I am she,
The b-baddest yellow bitch in the NYC!”
Listen, I don’t wanna fight, I’m too pretty and little
Boo, I only fuck with rings with a rock in the middle
Got killers on Rockaway and 146
That act like the sanitation and dump all clips
Get a mani and pedi while I’m watching Hancock
I keep a bad bitch from Queens to Bangkok
So fuck a hater, fuck a hater, leave it there
Long hair, don’t even care

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