Not to be confused with Automatic (Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded).
Teairra Marí
Don't Make Me Cause A Scene
Features Nicki Minaj
Released 2009
Length 4:09
"Automatic" is a song by Teairra Marí featuring Nicki Minaj.


Dear Teairra, why these bitches so mad now?
You know they went and put my flow up in the madhouse
Just left the courtroom, yep, me adn my co-dizzle
We got them sniffles that’ll make a nigga nose tickle
Anyway I’m nice, you know my price, I’m such a d-girl
Fish scale so they think I work at Sea World
Now you the pussy cop ’cause I make this pussy pop
If you throw some ice up on it you could have this pussy pop
Aww suzuki, ride him like my suzuki
You know my cuchi got him looking like pookie
I’m such a diva, number one dick pleaser
Nicki been hot since she was rocking Adi-didas

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