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Angel DeMar

Ivory Corsey, born November, 20 1983, known professionally as Angel DeMar is American singer-songwriter. Born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware, she released two songs "Who Run This?" and "I Might".


Angel DeMar, born Ivory Corsey, November 20, 1983, in a small town on Maryland's eastern shore was raised in Delaware so she decided to put the two together and got the name De-Mar, and along with her childhood nickname this became her solo alias for the stage. This R&B songstress has a round the way girl vibe that makes her very approachable and real, which adds edge to the lyrics of her songs that she mostly writes herself, and contributes to the interesting swagger her songs and performances possess. Her singing style and tone are reminiscent of that of Billie Holiday, and her vocal control and riffs have the flava of a young Aretha Franklin, CoCo from SWV and sometimes even a rich vibrato similar to Brandy's may surface in one of her ballads. With all this Angel can still be uniquely singled out from all of the rest because of her laid back cool energy and vibe. Angel keeps it real when touching the sensitive female subjects and is often asked,"What made you say that in your song and is that based on a personal experience?"and she commonly answers, "I'm just saying what the average everyday girl is thinking or wants to know and I know the ladies feel me and appreciate my honesty." I know we sometimes seem to think if you've heard one female R&B artist you've heard them all but that is not the case with Angel De-Mar, and it will be artists like her who lead the way in this new world of Hip-Hop and R&B singers.


DeMar hails from the urban streets of Wilmington, Delaware and credits her continuous ambition to make itas a singer/songwriter to having a wonderful supporting,and loving family life, because although because although most people think of her hometown as just a place they past through while on I-95, this small city is not an easy place to grow up in (everywhere has a hood).

Collaborations with MinajEdit

Angel has collaborated with Nicki Minaj on four songs.