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Gudda Gudda
Features Nicki Minaj
Short Dawg
Released 2009
Length 4:35

"Always Love You" is a song by Gudda Gudda featuring Nicki Minaj and Short Dawg.

Minaj's lyricsEdit

Once upon a time there lived a Harajuku Barbie
Used to watch the game at Madison Square Garden
Coliseum Block on the weekend
Italian ices from the Puerto Ricans
She rep Queens like a crown or a real poufy gown
Or the little white lady out in London
Queensbridge, Far Rock, Southside Jamaica Block
Flatbush, Brooklyn, all of them Jamaica spots
This is my city and I be reppin' my city
It's where the Giants'll tackle you, call it Capital Avalon
If you come to my city, you might see what I mean
That city that never sleeps, but it's the city of dreams
Now listen!

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